Office of Civil Legal Aid in Washington

The Office of Civil Legal Aid has selected defenderData Web and Mobile services for caseload and time tracking.

May, 2013 – The State of Washington Office of Public Defender is now conducting a Time Study utilizing defenderData Web and Mobile services. … Read More

Lancaster County Judicial & Juvenile Court in Nebraska

Justice Works is now providing Voucher handling services for the Lancaster County Judicial Court.

April, 2014 – The Lancaster County Juvenile Court Court now uses defenderData for case management. … Read More

Bowie County Public Defender in Texas

Justice Works™ is pleased to announce the Bowie County Public Defender has chosen defenderData for case management.

September, 2013 – The Public Policy Research Institute is now conducting a Case Weight Study via defenderData Web and Mobile services.

September, 2013 – The Collin County MHMC Program is now using defenderData for managing Mental Health cases.

November, 2011 – Justice Works™ welcomes the Fort Bend Mental Health Public Defenders Office to the defenderData platform.
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Luzerne County Public Defender in Pennsylvania

The Luzerne County Public Defender is now using defenderData 5.0 and dD Mobile services for case management, scheduling and reporting. … Read More