defenderData looks great on all devices

Designed and built exclusively for indigent defense


Designed and built exclusively for indigent defense, defenderData is a full-featured case management system. Included with the robust case management system are many useful features, including:

Extremely Customizable

dD Web Cross-platform Web Browser support

  • PC & Mac
  • Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox & Chrome
  • iPad
  • Android based Tablets
  • Windows Tablets

dD Mobile

Provides access to critical case information, notes, calendar, and even documents. Make changes to your time-sheet, schedule, and case notes from anywhere. You can even take pictures with your phone and attach them to the case file!

Smartphone support for mobile users.

  • iOS (iPhone & iPod Touch)
  • Android based devices
  • Windows Phone

defenderData Voucher Overview

Organizations utilizing court appointed or managed assigned counsel programs for indigent defense face unique challenges. Working with the private bar to provide defense services to indigents can be a very effective method of delivering legal counsel when managed properly. No different than in public defender configurations, excessive caseload can be a significant challenge. Without good record keeping and accountability, it can be much more difficult to ensure that attorneys are not attempting to handle more cases than is considered acceptable. The cost to administer the assignment of cases and payment for work provided can also be daunting to those responsible for overseeing the process.

The defenderData Voucher edition has been designed specifically to organize the information surrounding the administration of indigent defense when working with the private bar.

The primary goal of the system with respect to attorney access is to provide easy and efficient access to case assignments, time and expense tracking, and vouching. Attorneys are able to work within defenderData with virtually any modern PC, tablet, or smartphone. The attorneys bear no cost in accessing the system. Any objection that might arise with regard to changing to an automated system is quickly dispelled with faster payment processing, improved accuracy, and better communication.

Voucher Submission

Online application accessible by Attorneys and Investigators from smartphones, tablets and desktop browsers.

  • Time Entry
  • Expense Tracking
  • Case Search
  • Enter Case Details
  • Voucher Overview
  • Attach Supporting Documents
  • Reporting

Voucher Management

Management interface for voucher review and approval.

  • Voucher Approval
  • Full Case Management
  • Interface with Court System
  • Voucher Management Dashboard
  • Customizable Workflow
  • Secure End-User Communication
  • Court Roster Maintenance

Voucher Administration

Robust administration modules for complete control of the voucher process.

  • Secure Interface with Accounting Systems for Direct Deposit
  • Automatic Payment Processing
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Statistical and Financial Reports

Voucher Multi-platform support

Justice Works prioritizes establishing a beta or “sandbox” installation of defenderData Voucher available as early as possible with the following multi-platform support.

  • PC & Mac, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox & Chrome.
  • iPad, Android based Tablets, and Windows Tablets.
  • Smartphone support – iOS (iPhone & iPod Touch), Android based devices, and Windows Phone.
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Ongoing Service and Support

The transition from the development and Pilot phases of the project into the final release will continue with much of the same processes already established in previous phases. Any outstanding, low priority issues in our online ticketing portal will continue to receive development and testing attention with changes to the system occurring periodically.

Our support technicians are available between 6 am and 6 pm Mountain Time for troubleshooting, questions, requests, etc.

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