Flexible to Meet Your Needs

Justice Works can be deployed in many configurations. The most common configuration entails server hosting by Justice Works with the client computers connecting to the data over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) internet connections. This configuration is especially well suited to handling clients with multiple locations needing to access data in a central location. In this configuration, the only infrastructure requirements for the client are an office internet connection and client PC’s running Windows 7 or better — or for defenderData Web and Mobile, computers, tablets, or phones running Windows, OS X (Mac), iOS (iPad/iPhone), or Android.

We'll work with you

Justice Works will establish a detailed project timeline and participate in ongoing meetings to discuss progress and resolve issues.

Data evaluation provided

Conversion services are available, including early access to test servers for review and validation.

End-user training

We’ll provide user and administration training sessions to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

Ease of deployment

You’ll receive an enterprise level software license with unrestricted installations on any PC.

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Data Conversion is a service that we provide as part of the initial system implementation in order to make sure that the proper attention is always provided to this critical phase of the implementation. Depending on the complexity and size of the data conversion, we estimate between 2 and 4 weeks to create, test, and implement the migration of existing system data. Once client acceptance has been reached by accessing converted data on our servers, we will perform the official cut-over on a mutually agreed upon time, usually over a weekend.

Powerful Customization + Support

We want your system to work the way you want it to work. We take great pride in our ability to adapt our system to meet your needs.

Multi-Tiered Security

One of the most important aspects of our administrative system is the creation and maintenance of users and their respective permissions.

Maintenance and Support

Our support services are not limited to troubleshooting and defect repairs in the software – during Support and Maintenance, we provide development of further changes to business logic, screen interfaces, and reports as an included part of our support offering. While these services are not unlimited, every client receives a certain amount of custom services at no charge depending on the size of their system. This policy of providing ongoing software development, customization, and training is a key reason that we have such a high customer retention rate.


Justice Works provides responsive Tier 1-3 support between 6 am and 6 pm Mountain Time by the following support channels:

  • Toll-free support hotline.
  • Support Email managed by multiple support technicians.
  • Online ticketing portal. Written client requests for answering software usage questions as well as troubleshooting potential issues with software, installation, networking, etc.

In the ticketing portal, clients may track the progress of items, re-prioritize pending customizations, add further clarification or attach screenshots/mockups at any time.

Justice Works Support scope includes:

  • Training and Support for end-users, providing local troubleshooting for software installation issues, connectivity issues, firewall configuration, etc.
  • Training and Support for administrators responsible for account maintenance and lookup table maintenance (statutes, case types, roles, etc.) within the defenderData case management system.


During the Pilot phase, Justice Works provides end-user training via live, online webinars. Prior to Final Release, additional training webinars will be provided to all staff members. All training sessions are recorded for later on-line consumption via streaming video. Additionally, Justice Works writes a user guide in an easy-to-read, online format with tutorials, Q&As and screenshots. All policy, procedural, workflow and data entry guidelines provided by our clients are incorporated into the online documentation.

Training scope includes:

  • General training for users and administrators
  • Ongoing availability for answering follow-up training questions (via phone or email conversations with the Justice Works Help Desk or other personnel)

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