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What are the infrastructure requirements?

Justice Works can be deployed in many configurations. The most common configuration entails server hosting by Justice Works with the public defender client computers connecting to the data over secure socket layer internet connections. This configuration is especially well suited to handling public defenders with multiple locations needing to access data in a central location. In this configuration, the only infrastructure requirements for the public defender are an office internet connection.

Larger public defenders can choose to host their own server and manage interoffice connectivity through existing TCP/IP connections. It is recommended that a capable IT staff be present in order to successfully implement this solution. We are happy to work with internal IT staff in any way needed to ensure that each implementation goes smoothly.

Client PC’s require Windows Vista or better. Windows 7 or 8 is highly recommended. The client application will run with 64 MB of RAM. However 128 or more is recommended.

Justice Works has been designed to make good use of thin bandwidth connections. Remote offices will usually require a T1 for every connection. Fractional T1, Cable or DSL connections can be used for fewer users in remote offices.

How will I get data from my current system into Justice Works?

As with any major system implementation, the success or failure of the project usually lies with the effective migration of existing data into the new system. For this reason, we work closely with clients’ internal systems staff to properly stage client information into our internal servers for data validation and system testing prior to cut-over. This is a service that we provide in order to make sure that the proper attention is always provided to this critical phase of the implementation. Depending on the complexity and size of the data conversion, we estimate between 2 and 4 weeks to create, test, and implement the migration of existing system data. Once client acceptance has been reached by accessing converted data on our servers, we will perform the official cutover on a mutually agreed upon time, usually over a weekend.

What kind of training can we expect?

Procedural and system changes within an office can cause a great deal of stress and discomfort for internal staff if not dealt with properly. We will work with you to establish training, operation materials and documentation that fall within the procedures of your office as they relate to the new technology being implemented.

What services do you provide as part of the system implementation?

Justice Works prides itself in providing complete system implementations with no hidden costs.

Justice Works:

  • Works with internal staff to establish a detailed project timeline.
  • Participates in meetings as necessary to discuss progress and resolve issues.
  • Provides complete data evaluation and conversion services including access to data servers for conversion testing and validations.
  • Evaluates enhancement requests for feasibility into initial releases.
  • Provides user documentation and administration documentation for the systems.
  • Provides training sessions to ensure a smooth transition to the new systems.
  • Provides an Enterprise level software license with unrestricted installations on any PC’s owned by the Public Defender offices.

What if we need extensive customization and software development?

Custom software enhancements or other consulting services will be provided. Note that enhancement requests that are viewed to enhance the resale value of the system may be provided free of charge at the discretion of Justice Works.

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